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Curbside Pick-Up Service

Curbside Delivery: 10am – 4pm Monday through Friday

-We have reserved the two spaces to the right out back for curbside pick-up location.
-Customers should be instructed to call when they arrive for curbside pick-up.

1. Customers can order refills in advance for curbside pick-up – but not otc items, especially hand sanitizer, toilet paper, alcohol, etc.
2. Customers cannot schedule a time for a pickup at the moment.
3. Customers should park in one of the two assigned spaces in the back of the building for curbside service, for sure in the back of the building.
4. Customers should call the store when they are here and ready for service.
5. Please note, this is not an instantaneous process and could be slow.
6. Most DME items will not be eligible for curbside service.

-When a customer calls and requests curbside service they should state whether are calling ahead for refills or if they here in the parking lot. Make sure you identify yourself, your type of vehicle and color and location you are parked. You will need to provide a credit care for payment as well at this time. 
If you are calling ahead, you may request refills on prescriptions, but not reserve otc items for purchase at a later date.
-If calling ahead, we need to verify a valid house account or CC is on file, or obtain a CC over the phone at that time.
-Refills/Fills will be processed and placed on the wall until you arrive and let us know you are here and ready to accept pick-up.

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