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Burke's Pharmacy has beach wheelchairs for rent on a weekly basis for folks wanted to get to the beach that cannot walk on their own.

These chairs have oversized yellow wheels to make traveling in the sand easier. However this does not make it effortless. Someone with some strength will still be needed to help people in and out of the chair and to get over the soft sand between the beach entrance and the hard sand. 

It requires approximately 100lbs of force to move a person that is 225lbs through the soft sand. In order to determine if you are strong enough you can put a scale against a solid wall and push on it. Do not do this on drywall. 

Full chair specs can be found here.

We have a limited number of these chairs and have much more demand for these chairs than supply. Therefore once a chair is delivered we do not offer refunds of any amount on this rental (or any other weekly vacation equipment rental.)

If you have any questions about how or if you will be able to use these chairs, you have ample opportunity to determine that with our staff prior to your chair being delivered.

You will agree to these terms during the reservation process.

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