Aero Walker™ - High Top - Large

by Advanced Orthopaedics        Item #390-AG

Category: Braces & Supports

Price: $179.99

Aero Walker™ - High Top - Large

Inflatable bladder incorporated into liner for increased immobilization of the lower leg, ankle, and foot. Specially designed toe guard for added protection. Cushioned sole for greater energy absorption. State of the art design provides greater protection without sacrificing wearer comfort. Fits either right or left foot.


                               MALE      /     FEMALE
X-SMALL:          UP TO 4            UP TO 4.5
SMALL:             4.5 – 7               5-8.5
MEDIUM:          7.5-10                9-11
LARGE:             10.5-13              11.5-13.5
X LARGE:          13.5+                14+

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